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Stargate 5

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The sky is full of stars and you can't help but to lie down on the grass and look up. It's a very peaceful night until you saw a comet on the sky. It landed to where you are and you quickly went to the crash site. In there, you saw a mystical star and it was inviting you to come closer. That massive star has a gate which brought you to the galaxy. You don't know where you are but the bad news is, the door shuts when you entered. Now, you are in the galaxy alone with no one but objects in the galaxy. You wish to open the stargate but that is not as easy as you think it would be. You have to solve some puzzles because you can escape from this place.

There might be aliens around and you are not sure if you want to meet them. Because of this, you have to be quick and find a way to open the stargate as soon as possible. Play Stargate 5 and collect items that can help you to complete this puzzle. This brand new room escape game is from 365 Escape. Good luck and have fun!

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