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Stargate 4

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You strongly believe that it is possible to go to the other dimension of this universe. So, you read articles on the internet and discovered about stargate. In this gate, you can go to any part of the universe. This is your fourth time to try this stargate but now, you are sure that it will lead you somewhere. And you are right, you went inside that gate and it lead you to another planet. It's really mysterious indeed and you know that this could help NASA with their job. You really want to let them know about this gate but the thing is, you can't find the amazing stargate. Looks like you travelled too much and lost the stargate. You have to find it or else, you'll have to stay here forever. That's the least thing that you want right now.

Thankfully, there are clues and hints that can guide you to where the stargate is. There are four or more gates and only one is real. So you really have to use your logic to complete this escape. Stargate 4 is a brand new room escape game by 365 that will test your logic and escape skill. Best of luck!

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