Star Wars Yoda Escape

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The last Jedis are now in hiding in different parts of the universe and they should be, for the dark forces have won and one by one they are hunted to extinction. In their attempts to escape from almost everyone that had been trying to catch them including space pirates who wanted the bounty on their heads, the grand master Jedi together with a few lower ranking Jedis have gotten themselves to Earth just to hide. They know they will never be safe even there and so as this planet, but they don’t plan to stay too long and they just need temporary refuge from their pursuers. And now begins the life of master Yoda on planet Earth and just like everyday, problems would arise for Earth totally has a different culture than theirs, and that day he was even faced with a problem and it seems that the force could not help him!

That is one problem for the Jedis, for the force does not work on Earth at all! They are definitely not safe here, they need to leave as soon as possible, but at the moment Yoda needs help for he is stuck in the room there where they are staying. His associates are currently away surveying the area and that’s why Yoda doesn’t have any help there, once they return they need to leave for Yoda just discovered that their force doesn’t work on this planet. Escape players, you are the only help Yoda can get here from being trapped, can you at least get him out so once his companions returns they can then leave?

Star Wars Yoda Escape is the newest point and click indoor rescue escape game from 8b Games.