Star Fitness Studio Escape Game

Star Fitness Studio Escape

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Star Fitness Studio Escape is another new point and click gym escape game made by Big Escape Games for another fun escape adventure with us. Good luck!

Dean was lucky that the fitness gym wasn't filled with people yet and in-fact, he is the only customer of the place and it's quite peaceful he had the gym all to himself, but it won't be for long though because the place will continue to fill-up an hour later. Dean spent more than an hour on the equipment of the place, but still nobody came-in that day, it's a good thing for him he thought, well that's actually the opposite.

Dean came-up to the desk to ask why nobody came-in that day, but then he saw that the reception was empty! He instantly felt abandoned there and when he tried the doors of the gym, it would not open and he really tried hard! Dean felt worst after realizing that, something is going-on here and he is clueless what could it be. Escape players, Dean's problems here could get worst if he doesn't think of something quick, want to join in and see if you can escape out of the gym? Place yourself on the shoes of Dean then and don't forget to have fun on the attempt as well!

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