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Stale House Escape

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Your grandma left you a house right before she left the earth. You enjoyed going here when you were little. It was where you tasted your grandma's best pastries. You always look forward for the sweet smell to fill the house. However, as you got older, you'd been very busy with your career. You rarely get to see her although she still sent her baked goods. Then you heard she got sick and that was when you really made time. You were with her til the end. You weren't expecting anything from her. It was never discussed in your family. But surprisingly, she left the house to you. And it became your escape whenever you wanted to be away from your daily urban life. She left her recipes and you would try them out once in a while. Some were successful others need more work.

You chose to stay in the house for the long holiday. You finished your work earlier so you can have undisturbed free time. But then, you ran out of other fun stuffs to do inside the house. So you decided to take a walk outside. You stood up from the couch to the door. However, you instantly realized you couldn't get farther away. Play Stale House Escape outdoor escape game by Avm Games.

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