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Sretan House Escape

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Mikael was given another mission by his boss and it's another one of those retrieval and escape ones. The location was in a luxurious villa inside one of the houses there are documents which can point his boss to a crime which he did not commit. Those documents also has some important information which can be used against the one that filed it. Mikael was given the engineer's blueprint of the place so it can aid to his infiltration and escape. Mikael accepted the mission and off he went to accomplish it.

Mikael had luck on his side for when he entered the place, there was nobody there for it so happens that they had left somewhere, soon they will return and that's why he needs to hurry. Mikael was careful not to trigger any alarms as he does this, and after a few minutes he has the documents and now it's time to leave! How easy it was, but as he was about to leave though he realized he was not out of the woods yet, for he needs to escape from the place without further triggering anything. It's just as hard as entering so escape players, Mikael is going to need a little help on this mission, will you give him a hand so he can escape the house quickly and without detection?

Sretan House Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game from Ekey Games.

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