Squirrel Rescue (Kidzee Online Games) Game

Squirrel Rescue (Kidzee Online Games)

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A squirrel always comes near your home everyday. You don't remember how it started going back to your home. But you do enjoy its presence. So you always look forward to seeing it. You also leave some food for the squirrel. You're fine as long as it doesn't call its friends and stay at your backyard for a long time. Along with the presence of the squirrel are the continuous good fortune for you. It seems like almost everything is going your way because of it. And you want it to continue for a long time. Then again, you know you shouldn't depend wholly on the squirrel and still do your best for your life. The squirrel keeps on coming for at least a month until it disappears. You're thinking it might just doing something else or have a little extra food.

But after a week, you begin to worry. You're not worrying about your future anymore. You're simply worrying about the squirrel especially because of some hunters. So you set off for the forest to go look for it. You're just hoping it's still alive and well when you arrive. Play Squirrel Rescue (Kidzee Online Games) outdoor escape game by Kidzee Online Games.

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