Squirrel Rescue From Cave Game

Squirrel Rescue From Cave

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Social media filled your days with videos of cute animals. You simply couldn't help but spend so much time watching it. Instead of doing something else that would be productive, you found yourself stuck admiring them. You wanted to break away from this and focus on what was important. So you looked for a place.  Cute animals should be here. You thought that interacting with them could help you get over the ones you were watching. Your veterinarian friend suggested a place for you to visit. He said that most of the time, cute creatures roam this place. You could breathe fresh air and even have a little physical activity while doing so. You didn't have much options. So you followed his suggestion. You arrived at the place and you totally like the beauty of the place.

It was very tempting for you to take out your phone and do some social media stuffs. However, you thought that if you'd do it, it should be for a breathtaking scenery. So you looked around to look for it. But instead, you found a struggling squirrel. And you just couldn't turn your back on this creature. Play Squirrel Rescue From Cave outdoor escape game by Avm Games.

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