Squirrel Land Escape

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In the squirrel forest as they call it, there aren’t just holes on the trees there where the squirrel lives, but also under the ground! There are huge dugouts probably made by hogs or any burrowing creature. But at times though squirrels would use such places and those underground holes would sometimes even lead to inside a tree! It’s a super-complex then made the squirrels and with the initial dig of a hog from long ago. That day as Nelson was at the said forest hunting, he found the most unusual thing ever as he lives close to the place.

Nelson found a huge dug-out! It was huge enough for a man to stand in and at first he definitely got scared, for the cave looks like it had been dug by a dragon or something. But Nelson still went in to check it out and to his surprise, he found strange items there including contraptions clearly made by humans! Nelson thought this might be a hide-out or something, but there are no further signs of humans living in there though and whatever this place is, he needs to get out for all he knows he might get trapped in there. Unfortunately for him, he actually became right! Escape players, want to play as Nelson here and see for yourself what exactly happened?

Squirrel Land Escape is the newest point and click underground escape game created by 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.

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Walkthrough video for Squirrel Land Escape

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