Squabutane Escape Game

Squabutane Escape

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Squabutane is a mutated cat. He and his brother Trianbutane both escaped the laboratory that tested on them. They now live with separate families that love them. Squabutane misses Trianbutane because they haven't seen each other in a while. He went out the backdoor and jumped to the tree nearby the fence. He scoured the area specifically on the lookout for a stray catcher. As he was about to jump down, his owner Mrs. Levigne, caught him by the neck and gently hugged him to her.

As they made it back to the house, Mrs. Levigne explained that they had to be careful that people from the lab don't see him. The elderly woman locked the doors and windows although she understood how Squabutane felt. The cat, however, didn't budge. As much as he loves Mrs. Levigne, Trianbutane is his real family. That night, he went around the house looking for a place he can slid through.

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