Spring Park Escape Game

Spring Park Escape

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Sid ventured into the green forest where there is a camp to reach, but when he arrived in there though something was going-on in the camp and he doesn't really know what exactly that is. The entire camp was empty and even though he found a few people there, they are of no help whatsoever. Sid ventured further into the camp to find-out what's going-on there for he plans to stay in the place for the night and there is no way he'll go back down on the path for it's going to be dark soon. Well it seems like he should for the situation in the camp is unclear and very weird.

Sid thought to himself, if he has no choice and he needs to go back down from the place, he'll just have to do it a lot safer like getting a cart or something or a bike so he can get-out of the place quicker. Will Sid be able to get himself some help and if anything, he really doesn't want to venture anymore and just rest. Escape players, join Sid here as he finds answers around the camp's cabins if he has no choice but to escape, then he should do it now. Ready yourselves now on this challenge.

Spring Park Escape is another new point and click wilderness escape game made by Selfdefiant.

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