Spring Land Escape

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It’s spring and once again the land is being governed by animals, but not just animals though for plants are making a comeback as well. Harris is a resident there and he too was out for spring mornings are always the best. Throughout the day, Harris did all his chores and everything for in order to sustain life there in the wilderness, he must work and it has to be done at least most of the week. Luckily Harris was able to do all of such and now he has the entire evening to rest. But it was still near dawn at the moment, so he decided to maybe go and find something interesting in the forest before the day finally ends. But little did he know that his mini adventure there might cost him his entire night of rest.

Harris wandered around until he found an area he had never seen before. There was a gate there and inside it was just forest and no settlements! How could he have missed something as big as this through the years? Who built this and for what purpose? Harris is confused, but from then the concerning part just set in, for when Harris entered and looked back at where he came from, he saw that the gate was now locked! Harris could not get out of there anymore and yes, he did find something interesting, but this interesting thing is not really good and is scary. Harris is going to need help here for this is quite a problem. Escape players, want to join Harris here as he escapes and of course will you be able to help him so he can return home?

Spring Land Escape is a brand new point and click wilderness escape game from 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.