Spring Flower Garden Escape Game

Spring Flower Garden Escape

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The valley have always been beautiful, for there are less trees there and that makes room for more beautiful flowers to grow and thrive.It's like a huge garden and the good thing about it too is that only a few people knows about it for now. Cynthia was in the place for she frequented there just to be at peace, but she doesn't go way beyond familiar grounds though, for she knows she can get lost and returning can be very difficult then. That day, that is exactly what happened to her for she deviated from her original plan! And now she needs real help for if she makes a mistake and just picks a path there, it can lead her somewhere very far.

Escape players, there are a lot of paths going in and out of the place and one must be very careful in choosing one to take there. Will you be able to help Cynthia here so she can get home before it gets dark? Look for clues then and signs which can really help, there must be something there that can give you a hand and it can be as simple as a piece of wood.

Spring Flower Garden Escape is the newest point and click wilderness escape game from WoW Escape.

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