Spring Farm Escape Game

Spring Farm Escape

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Every time you hear the word spring, a Kpop song played in your head. The last time you experienced spring, you couldn't stop singing the song. It had been a year already, but the song still lived in your heart. A year ago, the spring you experienced was super cold. This year however, you'd have to live with the warmth and with the farm. Your grandparents asked for your help as they wanted to make good use of the wonderful weather. Their plants would surely be healthy. But they needed to plant them first. They didn't want outsiders to work on their farm. They feared that their healthy soil and good produce would be mixed with low quality ones. You sometimes thought this was ridiculous. But you knew how much they valued their land, and you had to show the same level of care.

You arrived there and instantly felt the heat. Your first task was to tend the soil. You had to make sure that it had the right nutrition level for the kind of plant that would grow there. It was like chemistry work. But you eventually had fun with it. Then, you received a call from a friend. She wanted to meet you even for just a short while before leaving for her studies. However, you forgot about the way out of the farm. Play Spring Farm Escape outdoor escape game by Mouse City.


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