Spring Bluebells Forest Escape Game

Spring Bluebells Forest Escape

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It's very mysterious that the forest only has blue flowers and when one enters there, they will immediately feel the enchanting ambiance and the colors, but people must leave from the area though before dark for the area will be spooky and pitch-black obviously. That day, Jane went to the place which she usually does to watch the blue bells flowers which are pretty rare and can somehow only be found in the forest and a few places as well. Jane gets that interests of her done just a few hours and she travels home before dark, but that day however something went-up and it's the first-time her visit there became different.

Jane could no longer navigate back and she thinks she might have taken a different path by mistake! How could have that happened? It's not suppose to, but she thought then that it's still possible and now she needs to solve this before it gets dark, she really doesn't want to be there when nightfall comes. Escape players, want to help Jane here escape the forest of all blue as quickly as possible? Be careful then for if you ever make a mistake there, you will get lost even more.

Spring Bluebells Forest Escape is a brand new point and click wilderness escape game released by Big Escape Games.

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