Spot The Jack O Lantern World Game

Spot The Jack O Lantern World

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Spot The Jack O Lantern World is another new point and click spooky retrieval escape game made by WoW Escape. Good luck as you venture and find something in the haunted forest!

The haunted forest is not a place to visit, for it's actually a mess in there wherever one goes around the area. Ghosts would appear, strange sounds and creatures would pop-up, even cadavers would scatter on the trees occasionally. But there was this precious item though which was already a treasure to anyone who can find it, and that object is a Jack-O-lantern. That item is just a normal thing when one looks at it, but it has the ability to bring anyone to a different dimension, and that place is even called the Jack-O-lantern world. Seems pretty simple, but in that world one will have their wishes come true and that's why Mar decided to find it with all of his back-breaking effort.

To get to that lantern however, one must pass through a lot of scariness and dampness of the forest, will Mar be able to bare it all and get to what he was looking for? What about you escape players? Join in on the scary forest adventure here with Mar and let's all find that valuable lantern in a forest filled with the paranormal. Enjoy.

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