Sports Room Escape (Games 4 Escape) Game

Sports Room Escape (Games 4 Escape)

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A very different sport marathon will be commencing here and the players are at the starting point where they have to finish a few sports first before they can reach the upper level. Up through the halls and further down at the end of the rooms is where Samuel is fixing the chess boards for they will be coming soon and he needs to guard the place so that nobody can enter except them. He is alone with that task at the moment for the officials are having a meeting before the players advance to the upper level. But as Samuel was fixing some things in the room however, he noticed that the door wouldn't open as he was about to leave and guard from the outside! Now he couldn't get himself out.

Samuel tried numerous things like tinkering with the door and even yelled to call for help, but it seems that nobody can hear him from the outside, it looks like he needs to solve this on his own now. Well he won't be entirely alone though, for Samuel has you escape players! Will you help him out so he can escape out of the chess room before the players arrives?

Sports Room Escape is the newest point and click room escape game from Games 4 Escape.

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