Sports Locker Room Escape Game

Sports Locker Room Escape

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Sports Locker Room Escape is another new point and click complex escape game made by Ekey Games for 8b Games for more dose of fun with us here daily. Good luck!

The locker room is now like a private one for Edsel, that's because he was the last one to leave the place for everybody had already left for home. That was a tough day for after school, he had swimming practice as well as track and field, his entire body had functioned the entire day and now, it is time to go home and rest. After he had packed his things and closed his locker, he proceeded to the door thinking about something and he never really expected that there was a problem bound to happen!

Edsel could not open the doors anymore and after realizing that, he immediately went pale. It's impossible that these were the work of school bullies, for the school was absolutely free of them and everyone in all grades are a friend of Edsel's, that's how good this school was. Well it looks like he has to escape from there now and of course not destroying anything or risk being in more trouble than he is in now. Escape players, Edsel doesn't know if he'll be able to escape easily or the locker room will have a challenge for him, would you dare try this escape with Edsel and see if you can all find your way out of the room? Go ahead and have fun on the escape then!

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