Spooky Room Escape Game

Spooky Room Escape

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Jun felt a strange feeling near his back and that woke him up from his deep sleep, he tried to get what it was but from there he realized that wasn't the only problem. He wasn't in his room anymore but in what looks like a haunted house! That scared the heck out of him for he was totally different place now. Was he still in a dream? He pondered to himself, this is not where he is suppose to be, did somebody brought him there? Or he did that while he was asleep? If so then this place should be familiar, but well he doesn't really know where he was.

Even then every house has an exit, and that's where Jun is obviously heading, that's if he can find it though before the spooks of the place starts to get him. Jun needs to keep moving here so he can escape and find some answers then why he was in the place, will he be able to escape successfully and quickly? Place yourself on the shoes of Jun then everyone, try your best to escape the spooky house and be quick about it.

Spooky Room Escape is a brand new point and click scary indoor escape game from Selfdefiant.

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