Spooky Magic Halloween Escape Game

Spooky Magic Halloween Escape

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It's Halloween's eve and people are not advised to enter the dark forest near the neighborhood and in fact, nobody is advised to enter it at all times. One reason are the stories before from the people who enters there are not just stories anymore, luckily a few of those people made it out with only a few bruises and shaken, that's why they were able to tell the spooky tale which they experienced, but some weren't so lucky and they were never to be seen for again, that's why it is always forbidden to go in there now. Well, not everybody follows that rule though, and that applies mostly to the curious young ones and for the day, that will be Charles who was really intrigued of the place.

Charles enters the forbidden forest and to make it even more extreme, he went there at sundown and on the eve of Halloween! In no time then, he experienced the part why the place must not be trifled with and he discovered that the hard way! Escape players, another challenge is up for you once again, but for Charles his life could be at stake there, will you help him out and fulfill the scary escape?

Spooky Magic Halloween Escape is another new point and click scary wilderness escape game made by Big Escape Games.

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