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Spooky Land 2

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At this time of the year, you always enjoyed going out. Halloween was way over and most people were walking around with their loved ones. You felt like nothing bad can happen especially with this much people around. Likewise, the decorations were making the surroundings so lively and bright. It seemed like no dark place could exist. So you walked around as well enjoying the sights of the people and the place. Just then, everything went dark but you could still hear the people fumbling for their sources of light. You felt relieved to know that you were not alone. Just then, you slowly saw dots of light from the distance. You thought they might be the light from the people. However, it seemed to be moving in such a weird yet organized way. The people around you could not have practiced this.

You saw the light slowly coming towards you. But you didn't know what to do. Until everything went dark and silent. You couldn't bear it so you closed your eyes. Yet before you were able to do so, the surroundings flooded with light but it wasn't the same place you were in before. Play Spooky Land 2 room escape game by NSR Games.

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