Spooky Cursed House Escape Game

Spooky Cursed House Escape

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At first, this place looks like a normal house. You felt at home as you lay down on the couch. But when the midnight strikes, that is when the whole homey vibes turn around. When you heard the tick of the grandfather's clock, creepy noises around the house start to linger. You can hear it even you cover your ears. But the worst is, spooky monsters also showed up in the house. You just can't stay in this place any longer. With that, you rushed into the door but the problem is, the door won't open. This is the problem that you have to solve quickly. The good news is, there are items in this spooky house that you can use to unlock the door. You just have to be brave so you can roam around the house and look for those objects.

Aside from that, there are also clues that you can find. Those clues can help you to solve all the puzzles that you will encounter in this place. Spooky Cursed House Escape is a brand new exciting point n' click outdoor escape game by Games 4 Escape that will test your logic and your bravery. Best of luck!

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