Spooky Creature Rescue Game

Spooky Creature Rescue

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You were with your monsters since you were very young. Your father started working with them even before he met your mom. After marrying her, they moved somewhere where people would have a hard time finding them. He couldn't let go of his monsters and couldn't let go of your mom either. So he tried to balance the life he was giving you. On weekdays, you would stroll at the park and buy stuffs at the mall. You would also eat at restaurants and even watch movies. Things seemed normal for you until one monster got into your dad's bag unnoticed. It went out in the theater and caused so much chaos. No one knew it was your dad's. But your dad feared going out in public places since then. And the same happened with you and your mom. So you all stayed hidden safe.

However, instead of feeling like prisoners, your dad made your place wonderful. He built many entertaining structures with the help of the monsters. It seemed like everything you needed was just where you were. Most of the time, you'd play with the monsters. And most of the time, they'd find themselves in trouble. Play Spooky Creature Rescue room escape game by Games 4 Escape.

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