Splendid Villa Escape Game

Splendid Villa Escape

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Come on over on this huge house escape everyone. Splendid Villa Escape is a brand new point and click mansion escape game from Ekey Games for more fun here. Enjoy!

The splendid villa is a luxurious place and it was once very lively in the early 1900's but now it's private property, but people can still visit it though and one day William decided to do so for according to stories from his parents and grandparents, the place was once owned by a bloodline of theirs but for their family-line, they split-up and have lived a life with nothing to do with the place. William just wanted to see what it was really like in the place, but little did he know that his visit there is not going to a pleasant one especially for the last part.

The caretaker became knowledgeable of who William was so he just allowed him to roam around and he would just call if he needs help, William did found very luxurious things there as well as the rooms and the halls, but when he continued to venture into the house however, he got ridiculously lost and now he needs help! Well he did call for that but unfortunately, the caretaker did not come. Escape players, William will be trying to escape the place alone now for he can't get any help mysteriously, care to join in with William and try if you can escape the luxuriously huge place? Good luck then everyone!

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