Splendid Soccer Boy Escape

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The soccer championship is fast approaching and some of the players are getting quite uneasy as the date comes closer, well they are young so they can’t necessarily keep their cool, but one of them can though and throughout the week, he had been directing his uneasiness to training everyday. This boy trained everyday and even when he is just roaming around the place, he still has a soccer ball with him and just practicing controlling the thing. As a person who supports the team, Marion sees the dedication of this kid for he was once a player and he knows the hardship and all. He really supports him and the rest of the team too for one player would not excel without his team. Well little did Marion know he will be supporting the kid even more for one day in his training, he got in trouble!

Marion is just minding his business one day when he heard a call for help coming from one of the houses in the area. It was faint but when he tried to locate the sound, he came to realize that the voice was familiar! It was actually that excellent soccer player kid and he is trapped inside a house there! Marion have no idea what in the world happened to him, but because he needs help here then he will give him a hand. Well just about anybody who needs help here he will respond to. Escape players, Marion also needs a little help here for he is really not familiar with the house the kid is trapped in. Will you be able to give aid here too so that the rescue can be easier?

Splendid Soccer Boy Escape is a brand new point and click house rescue escape game from Games 4 King.