Spirited Fantasy Forest Escape Game

Spirited Fantasy Forest Escape

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You strongly believe that every animal has a spirit. That is so true especially in this forest. This is where all the spirit animals live. They are stronger than the living animals. Each one of them has a special message to their past owners. They are very thankful to their owners and they want you to pass the message. These pets really touched your heart and you can't wait to send the message to their past owners. However, you can't do that if you can't find the way out of this forest. There are so many puzzles that you have to solve before you can finally leave the forest. But with the help of the clues, you can surely escape from this forest in no time. Not only that, there are also items that you can find along the way.

Those things can help you for your escape plan. You just have to use your logic to convert those items into an escape tool. You also need to use your logic to solve the puzzles easier. Spirited Fantasy Forest Escape is the newest outdoor escape game by Games 2 Rule. Play this exciting point n' click escape game and try to escape quickly. Good luck!

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