Spirited Fall Jungle Escape

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Gwen found-out about the forest’s rumors, those stories were about the ghostly apparitions in there and because she is quite the enthusiast of things that are paranormal, a decision was made to go there and investigate the land! Gwen is seriously getting herself into some trouble here, for even though the place is a part of the community park and is well lit, there are still areas there that are dangerous especially at night. Gwen was really going to do this and it’s not going to be a good decision though which she will soon find-out.

Gwen went in and just pushed further into the wilderness while there is a path. Nothing seems to be wrong yet, although the place was really good and serene. Gwen was not fulfilled yet however on the first parts and that’s why she kept moving, she walked in there and walked until, she finally got lost! Gwen could not navigate back anymore and she has a strong feeling now that if she selects a path there that will only bring her even further into the place. Well guess Gwen deserves this for not heeding the bad things she heard about the place, but she doesn’t deserve to just be forgotten in the forest there and never to be seen for again. Escape players, will you help Gwen here so she can safely get back to where she is suppose to before the light from the sun finally disappears?

Spirited Fall Jungle Escape is a new outdoors escape game developed by WoW Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Spirited Fall Jungle Escape

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