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Spirit Salvage

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You and your friend are huge fans of Moana. The two of you like the idea of a movie set on a beautiful island with pristine waters. You really like imagining yourselves playing on the beach with the shells. So you both plan on making a trip to the beach. After a few days, you're on the beach and playing on the water. It's a deserted beach. Not many tourists and even locals come here. Many people are talking about how haunted it is here. But you don't mind since the place is so beautiful and clean. It's actually a good thing for you having the beach all to yourself. Your friend wanders off to look for more shells. He finds one and places it near his ear to hear the rush of the oceans. However, he slowly falls to the ground and the shell rolls on the sand.

You run towards him. You try to wake him up but he's so limp. So you place your ear on the shell to hear what he heard. But instead of hearing the waves, you hear his voice inside. But his voice is getting farther and farther away. Look for his soul to bring him back to consciousness. Play Spirit Salvage room escape game by Eight Games.

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  1. Date: January 26, 2017
    Author: al
    When is the good eightgames coming back? [Reply]

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