In the Spinanch Farm Valentine's Day Escape game, the farmer would rather spend the day in his farm.

Spinach Farm Valentine’s Day Escape

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Your true love is this spinach farm, so the ideal Valentine’s day would be cultivating it as always. You’ve never paid more attention to anything like you do to this place. You know every corner of it. When it’s sick, when it’s healthy. You know how to treat it right. It never fights with you and it’s always thankful. Not to mention, it gives you your favourite food, spinach. It makes you stronger then it does in that old cartoon series with the sailor in it.

You know the one, right? This is the farm that you and your late wife had taken care of even before you were married. Everyday, you feel her love through the land both of you cultivated like a child you never had. Breaking the soil apart, you scatter the seeds and water the fields all day long. It has never failed to return the hard work you had put into it.

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