Spider House Escape

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For Rebecca, spiders are pretty scary and she tried really hard to find a way not to go inside this new escape house which has a concept of spiders! But well she needed to face her fears though or she’ll never make peace with that. And so, Rebecca made a step on this great fear of hers, and that is to take on the house which has a lot of spiders both real and decor! Hopefully she is able to escape from the rooms there without fainting, for surely she will if she doesn’t compose herself.

Escape players, Rebecca might not be able to focus here with the challenges of the place, but she needs to see this through so she’ll be able to escape quickly. Will you be able to help Rebecca here so she can at least solve the puzzles easily? Or what about solving all the puzzles there to test your skills and logic in it? Go ahead then, be ready not only with the spiders, but also from the challenges there which could be very tough.

Spider House Escape is a brand new point and click indoor escape game released by 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.

Walkthrough video for Spider House Escape


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