Speculation Forest Escape Game

Speculation Forest Escape

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The forest nearby has a lot of stories and most are just speculation, people doesn't have a name for the forest and that's why they just called it the forest of speculations, for that's how it had been for years. Things that fuel those speculations are rooted from the people who went there and when they came back, only a few of them were left and most wouldn't even speak of their experience. Well it seems that it's not a wonderland in there like some people speculated, but that halted adventures in the place until one day a person broke that rule and really paid the price, at least partially.

Eldon was that person and he totally did what he was told not to do, venture into the said forest! At first everything was good and serene, it wasn't that bad. But at some point something chased him and that got him lost in the place! The pursuer seems to have disappeared but now Eldon is lost, looks like that someone has only one goal and that is to get him lost, maybe that's what happened to the people before? Eldon must find his way out of the place now for this has the potential to get worst. Escape players, come and help him out on this escape before it gets dark, it's going to be a daring escape now from such a forbidden wilderness.

Speculation Forest Escape is the newest point and click wilderness escape game from WoW Escape.

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