Spanish Retreat Escape Game

Spanish Retreat Escape

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The Spanish retreat home is kind of like a resort to make anyone who goes there feel relaxed and recollected. Maurice was currently there to check the place and he highly recommends it to everyone, that's why he finally decided and gave this place a check for his students for their retreat. It is peaceful, sunny, and perfect for such an activity, but before he decided to fully approve this place he went a bit more around the structure for safety purposes. It was good at first until Maurice himself experienced a problem.

Maurice was alone checking the place for the receptionist allowed him to do that but unfortunately, that could have been an important factor here to get him out of the problem for he was now lost in the place! It was actually pretty huge and he never expected it until he lost his way. Maurice can't just yell for help here and besides there is still time to venture around, and in the process through it he'll find his way out as well. Escape players, come and try this escape adventure with Maurice! Calmly navigate through the Spanish retreat house without panicking, maybe you'll find a secret path directly going to the reception area.

Spanish Retreat Escape is a brand new point and click house escape game released by Selfdefiant.

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