Spanish Privateer Escape Game

Spanish Privateer Escape

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Bartolomeo is one famous Spanish privateer captain and reasons for that were one he was very skilled in maritime combat and two he is very rich. He even owns a mansion and is one of the contributors of the development of the area where he lives. One night, Bartolomeo was relaxing in his study by the fireplace on the ship thinking about what he needs to do so he can help, he had been living in luxury and has so much wealth that he felt like he wanted to donate a huge portion of it to somewhere, the problem was he doesn't know really and the fact that they have a mission is also getting in the way of that. Little did he know though, a change was going-on in his ship and he only noticed that when he tried the doors just to get some nightly sea-breeze outside.

Bartolomeo decided to get-out of the room for this momentary peace could be their last, maybe he can have an answer if he calms his mind and not rush things, but he needs to be rushing now though for it seems like he is trapped in his quarters! Bartolomeo called then for his mates but it seems like they cannot hear him. How peculiar, they should have heard him through the wooden walls, did they abandon ship? This might be a trap and Bartolomeo needs to do something so that his entire ship won't get compromised. Escape players, play as Bartolomeo here and see what you can do to solve the weird problem on the ship.

Spanish Privateer Escape is the newest point and click room escape game created by 365 Escape.

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