Space Survival Escape Day 4 Game

Space Survival Escape Day 4

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Space Survival Escape Day 4 is a game from Selfdefiant for Melting-Mindz. This is the sequel to the Space Survival Escape. Assume you are an astronaut who had been working on a project which main goal was to determine some strange materials which could be found just in a mysterious planet. You had travelled there in the last month but a couple of days ago your boss announced that you were going to return there in order to take more soil sample and examine them. When you arrived to the planet you were already familiar there. The inhabitants welcomed you with a gathering and offered you a dinner. The next day you completed the mission and were ready to leave. As you wanted to start the engine of your shuttle you realized its electrical system failed. A local engineer recommended you a hotel because it was relatively cheap but nobody knew the exact way there. Find hidden objects and solve puzzles to find the mansion and rent a room. Good luck!



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