Space Station Escape (365 Escape) Game

Space Station Escape (365 Escape)

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The space station have become very advanced since the dawn of the space age, now ISS has artificial gravity and the rooms there in the station are a lot bigger than before. The technology in the station have become very sophisticated too and the people there are doing their best to keep the gigantic thing operational. One of the vital personnel there was Ricky and he works as one of the elite engineers and his specialty is the power in the station. That day, Ricky was fixing an entire room's power and automatic doors for it had gone faulty for too long, in no-time the problem was fixed. Ricky was proud what he had accomplished which ended quickly, now he can move on to his next task. But when he was about to leave the room however, he realized that there was another problem, but this time it was different yet similar.

Ricky lost his key card which are the only things that can open the hatches between modules! Ricky can definitely override the doors to open, but if he does that then his key card will remain lost somewhere in the station. Escape players, Ricky is responsible enough to find his key card rather than cheating, will you help him out so he can get out of the module he is in? He can't abandon this problem now or it will get worst, it's bad enough that making a mistake there is like tickling the dragon while it's sleeping.

Space Station Escape is a brand new point and click space escape game from 365 Escape.

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