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Space Mission Escape

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The human ship have finally left the alien mother ship after some negotiations which didn't really end-up in good terms. Little did the extraterrestrials know a man had been left in their territory when the ship abandoned theirs. Daedalus is now on the alien ship with a mission to gather information and secrets from them and relay it to base. It is almost a suicide mission for when he is caught there, survival will be very low then. After a few hours, Daedalus collected a whole lot of info as he tried as much as he can but somehow, his cover is getting blown slowly! He needs to escape while he still can so escape players, will you help Daedalus out before he is caught and info will not be given to base then?

The halls of the ship is like a maze and people can very well get lost in there, it was built exactly for intruders like him who doesn't know the ship. Escape players, join Daedalus here and try your skills as well, do your best to escape from the alien ship before things gets very dangerous there.

Space Mission Escape is the newest point and click space escape game created by 365 Escape.

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