Space Marines 2 Escape Game

Space Marines 2 Escape

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In the previous escape, we joined Dwight who was on retreat after their base got attacked by what seems to aliens. They were able to escape thanks to your help escape players, but this time another team of space marines is in trouble and escape is also a must from them! Roger and his team was currently checking an alien base to investigate just to see if they were a part of the recent attack of a base where Dwight was. Their base was fantastic, it was robust and filled with strange things for them humans. Roger and his team was about to move further when suddenly, they got engaged by the aliens and it was heavy!

Roger and his team took heavy damage from the enemy and they now had to retreat and regroup, maybe request backup as well. But first they all need to escape and the one who is in-charge for that is Roger. Escape players, we will place you on the shoes of Roger here and escaping with your team all alive is a must. Will you all be able to escape the alien base before the enemies closes in?

Space Marines 2 Escape is the newest point and click base escape game from 365 Escape. This game is a continuation of the first one as its sequel.

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