Space Base Escape Game

Space Base Escape

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Human technology have really advanced and everything was very modern now. Modern enough that people were able to reach different planets outside the solar system in just a short amount of time, they even built space stations and everything is zipping around space now! One station was pretty old and it is situated at one of Alpha Centauri's planets and it was somewhat problematic, for that place breaks-down constantly. One Earth day, they have finally sent an engineer specializing in such problems and that guy was Scott.

Scott studied the place already at moments when he was awake during hyper-drive, he knows what to do now but also he needs to be agile for the last report was about the installation's doors malfunctioning and it had already trapped a few people in there, some were injured because of the sudden closing of the hatches. Scott finally arrives at the station and he began his work pronto. Scott was strategically entering modules and rooms and he was fixing stuff while he goes, but it all stopped when the station seems to have a mind of its own, for now he is trapped in a module for he can't open all of the doors there! Scott is now trapped and he really can't do anything while he is. He needs to get out of there for now and make a new plan of attack after. Escape players, want to help Scott here escape first so he can really finish his mission successfully then?

Space Base Escape is another new point and click space station escape game made by 365 Escape.

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