Sorcery Forest Game

Sorcery Forest

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You were hoping to somehow enter a cave with treasures inside. However, the cave you entered just had traps. It was a sunny day when you thought of visiting the forest. It had been weeks since you last visited the forest because of your workload. So today, you just wanted to have some time off from it and enjoy the beautiful day. You decided to just walk to the forest. It would take you half an hour to get there. But you believed you needed the minutes of walking to burn off the calories you had taken in the day before. You really liked the ramen from a shop in the mall so you had it for lunch. Then you went to your favorite cafe for your milkshake. It was indulgence day yesterday and you had to use the calories and carbs you gained.

You reached the forest and felt something weird instantly. It seemed like the atmosphere changed. It wasn't scary but it seemed magical like sorcery was happening here. You tried to not think about it much and continued walking around the forest. Then you remember you have to mark the path you took but it was too late. Play Sorcery Forest room escape game by Mirchigames.

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    Author: fff
    please fix the items problem

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