Soothing Autumn Forest Escape Game

Soothing Autumn Forest Escape

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Grace finally finished all the things that needs to be done in her garden and when she looked at the forest beyond, she was captivated. The sun is still up yet so she decided to venture in it just a bit so she can relax her mind. Grace was in the forest now feeling soothed as the silence of the forest in autumn surrounds her, she really had great feelings in the place. After a while however, she never thought she was going even further in the place and she only noticed that when she saw the sun slowly going down the horizon! Grace then turned back but as she does so, she seem to notice that she was lost!

The trees and the falling leaves are really making an illusion in the path and that can be a great factor for her getting lost! She doesn't want to be lost in the place especially when the sun goes down, that's why she needs to hurry-up before dark. Escape players, will you help Grace here get back home before the situation escalates even more?

Soothing Autumn Forest Escape is another new point and click wilderness escape game made by WoW Escape.

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