Song Thrush Family Escape Game

Song Thrush Family Escape

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Noel have been living in the forest and with the help of the place, he survives with what he can find there and everyday there is almost always something to find. That day though, Noel was in his house for he had already set traps so he won't go on hunting, he just hopes he'll catch fowl or a pig or anything substantial. Later that day, Noel finally went out so he can check his traps, he can almost smell that roasted bird, or what about that campfire pork, this is going to be a feast for him tonight. But little did he know he'll catch something else and unfortunately it's not something he can eat, well for his preferences he just can't.

Noel did find some animals in his cage, but when he checked it he saw that there were thrush birds there and not just one, but at least 3 of them! Noel was really confused why were there birds in his cage other than wild fowl which he was aiming to catch, and second why were there three of them? That's weird, but he can't really eat those critters so he'll just free them and move on to his next cage. But there was a problem about that though, for he somehow couldn't open that cage of his. Why wouldn't it open? Did the birds bust the contraption? Well they can't really but it's not too impossible. Escape players, come and help Noel here just free the thrush birds in his trap so he can then check the next trap soon for a potential catch.

Song Thrush Family Escape is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game from Games 2 Jolly.

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