Soccer Locker Room Escape Game

Soccer Locker Room Escape

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Try the locker escape here everyone and see if you can all escape successfully. Soccer Locker Room Escape is the newest point and click room escape game from Genie Fun Games. Have fun!

Willy was sensing a creepiness in the locker room as he was changing after a rough sport they had in the field, after spending a few minutes in the place, he realized that something indeed happened and now Willy is in the middle of it! Willy was in with his team-mates in the lockers changing and he knows it, but when he looked around he saw that he was abandoned by them and that's not all, for they also locked the doors!

Willy knows that it's just a prank from his friends, but he can't just let this happen and be calm as he finds his way to escape safely, he'll get-back at them when he has a chance and it will be most delightful. Escape players, Willy must find his way out of the lockers by using all items that he has and using his skills as well as his logic too, will that all be enough so he can escape and showing it to his friends that this is not at all worth-it? Go ahead then and do so with haste. Good luck!

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