Snowland Warrior Escape Game

Snowland Warrior Escape

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Winter is now getting fierce in the area and people who are living in a village there are slowly being evacuated, not even the old warrior who also lives in the place is not taking it and he had already lived in the land for all of his life. He helped his neighbors get out of the place first and he will be last as the rescue team returns. The cold and the winds got even fiercer, but as a rescuer, you are not leaving anybody behind so you thought there is still a chance to rescue the last person there who was the old warrior and the weather can get even worst later, who knows how long will it stop and the man might die there of starvation.

And so, you took the chance and as you arrived at the village, you were having a hard-time finding your way and distinguishing things for the snow had covered some of the landmarks completely, also the wind is really ruining the visibility. Escape players, it's all or nothing now, you need to find that man as quickly as you all can before things worsen.

Snowland Warrior Escape is the newest point and click snowy rescue escape game from Games 2 Jolly.

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