Snowland Octopus Escape Game

Snowland Octopus Escape

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The area where Vince lives is a place full of weirdness and mysteries, one of which is there are palm trees everywhere even though the snow in the area falls every year! Another thing is there are weird out of this world animals there which really goes beyond imagination. But Vince chose to live there for he is on a mission to find something, and because the place is secluded in some corner of the world, no help is coming to him if something ever happens.

Vince is on the search for an animal called the snowland octopus! Yes, an octopus that lives on land and in the frigid cold there! Vince did everything he could to catch that thing for he is intrigued by it. It is said that its ink has superior healing abilities which can top an entire hospital's capabilities! It's not an easy feat in catching it though, for the creature is so rare that Vince have tried but it had been five years now and still nothing in his traps, well nothing until one day he finally had a break! For he finally caught a specimen one snowy morning. Vince finally got what he came for and the creature was incredible, he only needs a little of its ink though and then he can release the creature. Well that's if he can open his contraption though for Vince's trap was so old, he can't even remember where he placed the keys for it! Escape players, you are now Vince here and he had completed his mission but now he needs to release this arctic octopus, will you help him so that this rare creature can procreate and maybe someday he can get more of their ink easily?

Snowland Octopus Escape is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game from Games 2 Jolly.

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