Snow Surfing Santa

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Santa was very much joyful in the success of his gift-delivering to the children across the world for this year’s Christmas celebration, now he will gladly do a celebration snow surfing in the snowy slopes just to give a message that his task here for this awesome celebration had been successful. But as he was about to go and do that though, there was a problem and it’s going to be a big one if not solved soon.

Santa got trapped in the house in the village near the slopes there where he was preparing his surfing costume and it really doesn’t look matching with the weather here. Well let’s forget about that for that’s Santa’s decision, but Santa needs help here and that is where we’ll get involved. Escape players, it is a bit of a wonder how Santa got trapped in there, could it be a busted lock? Or what about somebody did this to him? Well whatever it is that caused this you are here now, free Santa so he can go roam around the snow again and most especially do what he aims to do that day.

Snow Surfing Santa is a new outdoors rescue escape game developed by Games 4 King.

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Walkthrough video for Snow Surfing Santa

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