Snow Panda Land Escape

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Pete cannot wrap his head around the fact that there are actually snow pandas! Those are pandas which are perfectly well adapted in cold snowy weather and there are a lot of them in this wilderness here! Pete actually came to visit the area for the week so he can see those pandas. They are very gentle but easily startled, so Pete needs to move slowly there and keep his distance so the pandas will stay in view. Pete is now in the area and he definitely followed those rules, it seem to work for the pandas just stay in place. But he forgot to follow one important rule there though, and that is to be aware of his surroundings at all times, but he wasn’t and that’s how he got lost in there!

Pete is now circling around the place aimlessly and he is scaring some of the pandas there. He really should have been more prepared there so that this would not happen, but it already has so this is now a problem and plus the cold is starting to get him, soon he won’t be able to concentrate there. Escape players, Pete here needs to get back to the right path while there is still light and he is still coordinated. Will you help him navigate back before he gets himself into even more trouble there?

Snow Panda Land Escape is the newest point and click cold wilderness escape game from Escape Games New.

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Walkthrough video for Snow Panda Land Escape

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