Snow Monkey Escape Game

Snow Monkey Escape

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Snow Monkey Escape is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game released by Games 2 Jolly for more dose of fun escapes with us daily. Have Fun!

There are even poachers here in the cold and snowy mountains but Rick just lets them be for they are not hurting him and bullets don't get to him. Well one day however something happened and Rick got pretty concerned of it then. Snow monkeys are a bit rare in this area now, they live close-by at the hot-springs, but those poachers are targeting them now for they can cost a fortune. That is not good the way Rick sees it, for if they continue on their activities then those monkeys can very well disappear. So one day when he saw what they did to one of the monkeys, he did something which was unthinkable.

The poachers are currently in the snowy forest hunting for other animals, right in-front of him now was a trapped monkey inside a cage and it even if it is adapted in this environment, those things can still freeze to death. The door's cage seems to be simple enough, he can pry it open but it would still need some specific items which can do the job. Escape players, Rick is going to do a pretty daring rescue here, will he be able to get it over with and without getting spotted? Go ahead then everyone, good luck on this quick rescue!

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