Snow Land Escape Game

Snow Land Escape

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Martina was now in the polar regions in a small town for she was on an excursion for the first time in a snowy cold place! She had been going to tropical locations ever since she started but this time she decided to maybe try the colder regions to see what it'll be. It was fun definitely and crazy cold too, but one day in her week-long excursion there, a really crazy thing happened and it was weird enough that she wanted to think it was a prank!

Martina woke-up and found herself in the snow! She was fully clothed but cold and that's pretty crazy, for she never remembered she went-out of the place where she was staying! Martina wanted to think this was a prank, but this was too dangerous to do and she could have lost some fingers if she woke-up a little later, plus she is clothed and that's pretty weird  too for she never remembered anything. Escape players, Martina still needs to get back to the cabin where it's warm and maybe figure this out when she is safe. Will you help her navigate then so she won't get lost in the snowy wooded area?

Snow Land Escape is a brand new point and click cold wilderness escape game from Selfdefiant.

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