Snow House Rescue Game

Snow House Rescue

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The cold is getting uncomfortable again, so when Roman heard that his friend needed help at his home he just couldn't abandon his request. At first he thought that the problem would just be simple one like moving things and stuff, but when he called for his friend from the outside, he realized that the problem was actually pretty serious and that got Roman really concerned about it!

Roman's friend just got trapped in a room in his house and because he is an older guy than him and has difficulty especially in the cold weather, he needs to help him out. Well that's if he can enter the place first for it is locked and he is also thinking twice of destroying the door. Maybe there is another way without damaging anything here. Escape players, Roman is getting cold too and that's why he needs to hurry if he wants to get his friend out of there. Come and help him out using your skills of rescue and try to find a way to get the door to open without using force.

Ready yourselves here on this new challenge everyone! Snow House Rescue is a brand new point and click house rescue escape game from Genie Fun Games.

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