Snow Forest Fun Escape Game

Snow Forest Fun Escape

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The forest is starting to freeze for winter had arrived, soon the trail there will be impassable by vehicle and for Tom there, he would like to capture the moments when the forest is starting to shift, like seeing the rivers and the lakes starting to take-on ice, he can't wait until his task here finishes and he can once again continue in some time during the winter up until spring. And so, that day he was around the forest taking some shots from almost anything he can see, he was so excited with the things he can find that somehow he never knew he was already misplacing some stuff especially in the cabin there which he temporarily stayed in.

Tom began noticing when he was missing some camera parts! His bag was actually open, so from there he checked some of his stuff, a few were missing as well including one important thing, and that is the keys to his van! Tom quickly tried to find what was missing, he followed his footsteps and eventually that led him to his cabin. His car keys might be there. Escape players, want to help Tom here find his keys so he can access his car again?

Snow Forest Fun Escape is a brand new point and click wilderness escape game from Fun Escape Games.

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